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The (ULRVYP) is an auxiliary of the Urban League of River Valley and is composed of young professionals across metro Columbus who are dedicated to serving their local communities through social and community activism.

The mission of this organization, based on the strategic imperatives of the National Urban League and the Urban League of the River Valley, is simple—to provide empowerment in five core areas:


  1. Education empowerment to ensure the youth in our communities are well-educated and prepared for economic self-reliance.

  2. Economic empowerment for those struggling to attain economic self-sufficiency

  3. Health and quality of life empowerment to help eliminate health disparities.

  4. Civic engagement and leadership empowerment to encourage all people to take an active role in influencing public policy and leadership in their communities; and Civil rights and racial justice empowerment to promote and ensure civil rights in all aspects of

  5. American society.

Young Professionals 

IG @ulrvyp



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