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The Urban League of Greater Columbus (ULGC) partners with employers in various industries to bridge the gap between talent ready ULGC Participants and employers that seek to provide career opportunities in both public and private sectors.


Our Workforce Development Center programs work to raise African American employment and income levels through job training and placement services, career exposure, career advancement support services, seminars, coaching and long-term retention strategies.


Helping individuals successfully find work and prepare for careers is at the heart of the work of the Urban League of Greater Columbus. Our Employment and Empowerment Programs provide a variety of services to help individuals search and prepare for jobs that will improve their futures. Individuals seeking one-on-one assistance with online employment applications and resumes can find support at our Workforce Empowerment Center computer facility, which offers use of laptops and free internet access.


  • REVITALIZING TODAY’S WORKFORCE so that businesses across the state can thrive and grow

  • CONNECTING JOB SEEKERS with resources to attain sustainable careers with a living wage

  • COLLABORATING WITH BUSINESSES for the recruitment and development of their labor force



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