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We are dedicated to building thriving communities through strong economic infrastructure. Our wealth accumulation services include financial literacy education, budgeting, credit counseling, homeownership, foreclosure prevention, and loan modification.


Our housing programs offer families long-term, sustainable solutions that focus on building assets through savings and homeownership. Buying a home can be overwhelming. Housing counseling can help you individualize your home buying options, empower you to make informed decisions, and significantly improve your home buying success. Housing counseling will help you determine what you can afford and teach you how to sustain your home for the long term.


 What will you learn in our Homebuyer Workshops?


  •  Determine if homeownership is right for you

  •  Discover how much house you can afford

  •  Understand your credit score

  •  Choose from affordable mortgage options

  •  Learn about various home buyer assistance programs

 Our Homebuyer Workshops

 Every 4th Saturday of the month


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